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How to Tame Your Scromons

Scromons were the friends of humanity all over the world,
and we have sealed them in many different ways possible.

Scroll is uncomfortable by its weight and size,
but you can add more info with plenty of space, a good place for Scromons to live.

Bujeok (asian paper talisman) makes you summon and seal Scromons easier and faster,
but it provides a cramped and uncomfortable space for Scromons, making them hard to grow and evolve.

Disk, which is the new sealing tool made by data,
had huge capacity despite its small size but also had bugs that can create horrible disasters.

These tools were part of magic. That means there's no superiority and inferiority between them, but only advantages and disadvantages.
The monsters were named after their sealing items, and that gave them many names in history.
Slatemon, Bone Beasts, Scroll-Mon, Talismon, Parchmon, Kipumon, Diskmon, and etc.
But now we just call them Scromons.